About The ArtReach Project

It's more than a moment...it's a movement.
The ArtReach Project is a people-powered and idea-driven nonprofit.
Not your typical organization, our mission is to create not only art, but artists who make a difference.

We are:

  • Creating Opportunity: The ArtReach Project addresses the need for expressive opportunities by offering projects & programs that creatively engage individuals in all ages and stages of life, with a focus on youth.
  • Fostering access: The ArtReach Project strives to make arts accessible to all regardless of social and economic status.
Our goal is to provide the community with art education, community outreach, creative events and collaborative projects.

Our passion is to mentor and develop artistic leaders who use their creative voice to strengthen and build communities.

Our purpose is to bring healing, restoration and growth of the creative process to individuals so that they can contribute to the same growth for their communities.


to your community


and learn to be an artist


with others to make a difference

The ArtReach Project proudly radiates from
the capital city of Lincoln, Nebraska.

We boast an ethnically diverse population,
a thriving creative culture,
an abundance of Husker football fans,
all four seasons, and amazing sunsets.

Contact the Director!
Send us a message and let us know how you'd like to get involved
or provide us with your inquiry. We'd love to hear from you!