Welcome to The ArtReach Project!

The ArtReach Project is a people powered and idea driven nonprofit organization that connects creativity with a cause.

Our goal is to leave a positive impact in the culture while functioning as an outreach into the community.


What happened this summer at The ArtReach Project?

One of the key components of The ArtReach Project has always been youth art outreach programs.
The Director, Tamara Kaye, joined creative forces with local artists David Manzanares and Rikki Neuman, along with the Pollinator Program Director from the Nebraska Wildlife Federation, Carolyn Butler, to pilot the first year of the Summer Art Academy at Everett Elementary under the direction of Charity Iroumanya. It was a phenomenal summer full of art adventures woven together with life lessons we learned from nature, particularly Nebraska nature. Truly, a summer of #artmadefreshdaily and of being #lovedinlincoln!